7 Practical Ways to Develop your Personality

There are many ways in which you can develop your personality. given below are 7 ways to develop your personality.
How to develop your personality

1. Don’t be a perfectionist

The very first thing is that you must realize that no one is perfect. that includes you as well. always remember that there will be some things which you may never get right. this is not something that should describe you but rather it should encourage you.

2. Know what is your purpose in life

Many great and successful people did not attain perfection overnight. They had to go through many failures before they could taste success. Study the lives of great scientists, sportsmen, or entertainers and you will see the same pattern.

Many give up too soon. Some give up when their success is just around the corner. So don’t wait for perfection before doing something. You will have to wait forever.

Just start with whatever you have and as time passes by, you will become better and better at it.

Perfection will come as you keep doing the same thing again and again. Just start where you are today and don’t expect perfection.

Knowing your purpose in life can make all the difference in approaching life. Having a purpose in life brings motivation and a state of flow in your life.

A state of flow is when your life gains momentum. It is in the state of flow that things start happening in life.

Once you have attained the state of flow, you must maintain it. Knowing your purpose in life will take you to another level of flow.

Knowing your purpose will give meaning to your existence. You will understand why you are here on the earth.

Knowing your purpose will develop your personality because you will start adjusting everything to fulfill your life purpose.

Your goals, strategies, habits, everything will change. You will change as well.

3. Journal your journey

Journaling is a very beneficial habit. Journaling is nothing but recording on paper or digitally, all the daily happenings in your day.

They may seem insignificant at the moment but maybe very meaningful a few years down the line.

Journaling will develop your personality as you will become disciplined to record things daily.

It will improve your writing skills and editing skills too.

This habit will help you to leave behind your legacy and will live forever even after you have gone.

Others will benefit from your experiences, insights, and opinions. Journaling will make you more reflective and a deep-thinking person.

4. Practice a morning routine

What you do in the morning sets the tempo for the whole day. If you start your day in a good way, your whole day will follow the rhythm.

It is so important to have daily morning routines. This could include the following:

  • Listening to music
  • Listening to a podcast
  • Reading a book
  • Doing light exercises
  • Being grateful intentionally
  • Writing some of your thoughts
  • Calming down your spirit through deep breathing

You could do some or all of the above depending on what you are comfortable with.

Establishing a morning routine will bring discipline and health to you- both physical and mental.

5. Learn to be a good communicator

Good communication is extremely important in any aspect of life. Learning how to communicate effectively is one secret of success in life. 

There are three aspects of communication. One is speaking, the second is understanding and the third is listening. 

We must learn how to speak in such a way that people understand exactly what we want to say. 

The second part is understanding which means that we have the capacity to know what exactly someone else is telling us through his speech. 

The third part of communication is listening. There are different levels of listening like casual listening, normal listening, and deep listening. 

One must go from a casual listener to a deep listener. 

Your personality will develop as you learn how to communicate effectively in all these three ways speaking understanding and listening stop

6. Be content with what you have

One of the great secrets of a happy life is to be content with what you have. 

A multi-millionaire in England was asked a question by a journalist. The question was "How much money is enough for you?" The multi-millionaire answered "Just a little bit more". That speaks a lot about human attitude. 

When it comes to possessions and money, the human race is plagued with greed. 

We can develop our personality by getting rid of greed and learning to be content with what our life has given us.

Someone made a profound statement that life is not about what you have but about how to use what you have to the fullest. 

Start developing the attitude of being satisfied with what you have and you will have a genuinely happy life and your personality will develop more fully.

7. Aim to live as minimally as you can

We don't really need a lot of things to survive. The world is caught in a web of materialism. But really, less is more in the grand scheme of things. 

Our obsession with more has to be broken. We must learn to live with minimum resources and spare the earth and the environment.

If we put the above 7 things into action, we will emerge as a wonderful new personality. These are 7 important ways to develop your personality and have an influence on this generation.

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