7 Reasons Positive Thinking Is Something Everyone Must Do in Life

Positive Thinking Can Change Your Life

Would you like to know why and how the power of positive thinking will benefit you immensely?

It can change your life financially, relationally, spiritually, and physically too.

Here are 7 benefits of positive thinking

1. You will handle things better

Positive thinking people have an advantage over others because they can handle difficult situations better. This is because they don’t allow negative thoughts in their mind. Thus their thinking is clear and decisive.

It is a known fact that positive thinkers have grace under pressure. They don’t allow situations to dictate to them. They desire an outcome and work patiently towards it.

These people are cool and calm even in the face of dire circumstances. They have trained their minds to be at peace and think clearly. Positive thinking people don’t panic but assess the situation with a cool head.

2. There are health benefits involved

Science has proved again and again that optimistic and positive-minded people overcome impossible health challenges.

Medical doctors have discovered that when the patient has a strong will to live longer, he/she is able to do it. Sometimes, they even go into remission for no apparent medical reason. They live longer than they were supposed to live.

The challenge that the Coronavirus pandemic has posed in the last 18 months requires us to have a positive outlook. Positive thinking absolutely affects our physical health in a good way.

We can write much more about this aspect of positive thinking. All you have to do is just search the internet and you will get tons of articles backing this fact.

3. You will make better first impressions/ have more energy

There is just something about positive thinking people that attracts others to them. Some call it an aura or positive energy. Whatever it is, positive people are very friendly and affectionate.

They draw people to themselves like flowers draw honey bees. They have this positive field of attraction surrounding them.

When people spend some time with them, they feel energized and happy. They may not be able to explain it but they know and feel the positivity.

I have a few friends who are positive thinkers and every time I spend time with them, I come out happier and lighter.

We all know that being around grumpy and negative people has a negative effect on us as well. We avoid grumpy people as they carry a gloomy atmosphere.

The opposite is true about positive thinking people. They carry an atmosphere of happiness and joy.

4. You will be happier

The human body has the capacity to release hormones that make our lives happier. These are called happy hormones.

Basically, there are 4 happy hormones that the body can release to enhance the feelings of pleasure and well-being.

  • Dopamine: This hormone makes us feel good and gives intense pleasure.

  • Serotonin: This hormone reduces depression and plays a major role in getting rid of anxiety.

  • Oxytocin: Oxytocin releases feelings of intimacy and affection.

  • Endorphins: These hormones increase the levels of happiness and help to deal with physical pain.

These 4 hormones are generally released when you think positively, work out regularly, and express love and affection towards loved ones.

So you can see how thinking positive thoughts will make you happier, fulfilled, and satisfied in life.

5. It will boost your self-esteem and confidence

Positive thinking people generally have a very healthy self-image. They don’t think of themselves too highly, nor do they think too lowly. They are at peace with who they are and how they look.

Many people have issues with how they look, how they sound, and how others perceive them. It consumes their thinking and leads to anxiety and negativity.

Positive people don’t give much thought to how others perceive them. They are happy when others appreciate and acknowledge them. But they also don’t bother about critics and fault-finders.

They know how to navigate positive as well as negative situations with ease and calm.

6. It will help you feel gratitude

An attitude of gratitude attracts many blessings from above. Positive thinking people have developed this attitude through constant practice. They are grateful for every little blessing in their lives.

They always look at the positive things in life. They are not idealists. They know the realities of life but choose to look at the positive intentionally.

Everyone has a choice to look at the gloomy side of the world or at the beautiful side of it.

Positive people have made their choice. As you think, so shall you become. Gratefulness brings a certain peace and happiness.

Positive thinking people don’t necessarily have everything but they make the most of what they do have.

7. You will experience more motivation and courage

If you study the lives of great men and women in history, you will find that they were very positive indeed people. It is this positive attitude that gave them the courage to become history makers and world shakers.

They went against the flow and changed the world to be a better place. Even when things were not in their favor, they changed the tide with their positive thoughts and deeds.

The list of these people includes Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Winston Churchill, and the list goes on.

Where did these men and women get the courage to fight the great and mighty systems and empires? It came from inside them and was fueled by their positive and can-do-it attitude.

Do you want to do well in life? Do you want to make history? Do you want to leave behind a great legacy? Do you want to be a victor and not a victim in life? If the answer is yes, then start training your mind to think positive thoughts.

Thinking positive thoughts will get you out of defeat into victory, out of depression into happiness, and out of the valley over the mountaintop.

Please make a decision today that you will start thinking positive thoughts, no matter what the situation in your life is. 

A few months down the line, I can assure you that you will be happy and fulfilled. Make that decision today and I will be cheering for you from the sidelines.

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